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INDO-ISRAEL AGROTECH LIMITED and RAJ DEEP CHEMICALS AND FERTILIZER LIMITED is a public Limited Company, Incorporated under Company’s Act 1956 in a technical Collaboration & in a Joint Collaboration with M/S. APEKS G.P.Int’ TEL-AVIV & DULUX LIMITED, NETNYA (ISRAEL) to produce Eco-Friendly Bio-Products to sustain soil Health & Crop productivity under Integrated Plant Nutrition system ( I.P.N.S.) & Integrated plant Management (I.P.M. ) Programmed of Central/ State Govt. of India.

The Eco-friendly bio-products of the company are unlike other agro-chemicals have favourable effects on the soil health and overall agro Eco- system without any direct residual – toxicity to the leaving macro & micro flora and fauna without any determinable effect on the soil health and environments. On the contrary the bio-products of the company have a favourable effects to build-up soil macro and micro flora and fauna e.g. Earthworm, leading to soil health improvement and over all agro Eco-system.

The need for such bio-products has been arisen because of the extensive use of agricultural inputs especially petrol-based chemicals fertilisers, pesticides and heavy irrigation water. Initially in green revolution in the middle 60’s and onward, brought the country from a situation of food deficit to food surplus. This has resulted in deterioration of soil health and degradation of environments. The use of Eco-friendly bio-products had reduced dependence on petrol- based fertilisers and it will result the Export quality produces , as per international standards.

INDO-ISRAEL AGROTECH LIMITED and Sister concern M/S RAJDEEP CHEMICAL & FERTILIZERS LIMITED & Dr. MISHRA ORGANIC FARMING C.A. PVT. LTD had started the productions of Eco-friendly bio-products to sustain soil health & crop productivity.

The Board of Directors of the company had decided to start the productions of COMPLEX FERTILIZERS  in deferent grades such as 12:32:16, 17:17:17, 19:19:19, 15:15:15 and other grades, with production capacity 1260 M.T. per day – 419,580 T.P.A. in the name and style of INDO-ISRAEL BIOTECH ,A Complex Fertilizers Division iof INDO-ISRAEL AGROTECH LIMITED, shortly , as per norms of Central government and the product will be marketed under Brand Name MOFCA  afeter permission and approval 

The eminent inventor of the company is Dr. A. K. Mishra, having Educational qualification – M.SC. Agri., Ph. D. ( Soil Science ) & Well known in the world as Eminent Soil Scientist & had worked as Agricultural Consultant for Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana , Egypt , Malaysia and for sugar Industries in India. He had study in 23 countries for the production techniques of organic productions.

Dr. Mishra is the inventor of sugar Cane cultivation system known in India as Dr. MISHRA ZiG- Zag row cultivation system and telephonic cultivation systems in Tomato Crop. He had developed technologies to get production of M.C.T. Guards by seeds in off season (instead of tubers). Dr. Mishra‘s interviews had been telecast more than 1500 times as Agricultural Expert on Door Darshan Kendra LUCKNOW, DELHI, Ahmadabad, Jalandhar, Mumbai etc. At present Dr. Mishra is working as Head R & D Cell of the above Companies.

The company had been specially awarded by Govt. of Israel for conversations of waste materials into best utilisation in the field of agriculture in 1996 and in 1997 has been awarded for introduction & implementations of Israeli Technologies under Indian Climatic Conditions and situations.

Dr. Mishra have valuable experience of 19 years, had established a long track record of successfully as an agricultural consultant & manufacturing of eco-friendly bio products and company had supplied its products to government semi government, co-operative and privet sectors. Carefully formulated using optimum quality ingredients and advanced bio-technologies.

Company range has helped in reducing dependency on petrol based fertilisers. Backed by the team of expert professionals. We are able to provide products in compliance with industrial standards, fully equipped with advanced machines and technologies. Our modern infrastructure facilitates used in the formulating, testing, storing and packaging. Our unit also facilitates in timely delivery of even in the bulk quantities.

The Products and Qualities of our Sister concern M/S RAJDEEP CHEMICAL & FERTILIZERS LIMITED for Eco-friendly bio products are the same but it is being marketed under different brand name witch start bhu as company product start from fert brand name and are also manufacturing micro-nutrients, all types of pesticide / insecticide / fungicide / herbicide / weedicide and plant growth regulators etc. Which covered under insecticide Act. 1956 (by it`s Chemicals Division).

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